Free Economic Zone Gomel-Raton

Special legal regime of tax regulation

Special regime of taxation within the borders of FEZ Gomel-Raton is liberal.

In total a FEZ resident pays nearly 40% of taxes less than the amount of taxes established for the entrepreneurial entities of Belarus.

Specil legal regime is not applied to:

  • public catering, gambling business, trade and procurement activity, stock transactions;
  • products (works, services) sale, production (execution, rendering) of which is carried out using fixed assets being in property right of a FEZ resident and/or using labour of the employees of a FEZ resident outside FEZ territory;
  • banks, non-banking credit/financial and insurance organizations activity;
  • products sale which cannot be placed under the customs regulations of a free customs zone as well as separate production types which cannot be placed within free customs zones due to the restrictions or bans established by the government of the Republic of Belarus by agreement with the President of the Republic of Belarus.

The liberality of tax regulation in FEZ consists in:

  1. the establishment of reduced tax rates
  2. the limited list of the taxes and dues being collected
  3. the possibility of exemption from profit tax for the period of 5 years, namely:
    • exemption from profit tax from products(works, services) of own manufacture sale for the period of 5 years from the moment of its declaration including the 1st profitable year;
    • profit amount subject to taxation is reduced by the amount actually invested by FEZ resident into the Republic of Belarus.

FEZ residents are not exempted from real-estate tax on the fixed assets located outside FEZ territories.

Taxation for FEZ residents within frames of special legal regime

Tax, Duty Type Free Economic Zone (FEZ) Residents
1.Real Estate Tax Is not paid
2.Motor Vehicles Purchase Tax Is not paid
3.Charge to Republican Support Fund of Agricultural Producers, Food-stuffs Producers and Agricultural Science Is not paid
4.Special Purpose Charge on City (Region) Infrastructure Maintenance and Development Is not paid
5.Special Purpose Charge on Public Transport Renovation and Repair Is not paid
6.Value Added Tax VAT is paid in a 50% amount of the sum subject to payment provided that the import substituting own manufacture goods sold on the territory of the Republic of Belarus
7.Income and Profit Tax Profit earned from the sale of products and services of own manufacture is exempted from taxation for the period of 5 years from the date of profit declaration. When a 5-year period is over the profit is subject to taxation by the rate reduced by 50% of the rate established by tax legislation that is by 12% rate
8.Land Tax (or Land Rent Payment) Rent payment rates for land plots is defined proceeding from the cadastre cost of these plots with the ration 0,02 but not less than land tax rates of corresponding land category. The rate of land rent payment, calculated at the date of rent contract signing can not be changed during the term of rent contract
9.Excises Tax is subject to taxation by the generally established rate
10.Ecological Tax Tax is subject to taxation by the generally established rate
11.Deductions to Population Social Protection Fund Tax is subject to taxation by the generally established rate
12.Income Tax on Natural Persons Tax is subject to taxation by the generally established rate

Custom preferences

On free economic zone Gomel-Raton territory for FEZ resident can be determined free custom zone territory (FCZ).

FCZ has next advantages:

  • foreign goods (equipment, tools, raw, materials and components for products production), imported on FCZ territory are not liable to import duties and taxes;
  • while exporting dependent upon FCZ regime goods and own manufacture products out of customs territory of the Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation, export duties are not payed.
    While exporting such goods on the rest part of customs territory of the Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation, they become dependent upon free circulation custom regime and exempt from import duties, VAT and excise tax, in case they simultaneously meet following requirements:
    • the goods are of Belorussian origin;
    • the goods are manufactured by FEZ resident;
    • the goods are importsubstitutional , 2010