Open Joint Stock Company "PromLynx"

takes its origin from the shop number 6 and the department of development and maintenance of the ferrite devices of the production association "Coral".

Open Joint Stock Company "PromLynx" was created by the order of the Gomel region territorial fund of state property in 2008, through the conversion of the Republican production unitary enterprise "Granit FD", which, in turn, was created by the order of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus in 1996 through its discharge from the state enterprise "Coral" becoming the successor of all tangible and intangible rights of the latter, according to the separation agreement.

By the order of the Gomel City Executive Committee as of December 20, 2008, JSC PromLinks was registered in the Unified State Register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

During the Soviet era, the enterprise was the base for the production of the widest range of solid-state microwave ferrite (TFP SHF) valves, circulators, waveguide and coaxial performance switches of low and high power levels. TFP microwave, a component element of electronic equipment and devices, is widely used in microwave and satellite communications, radar and radio beacons, navigation systems in sea and river vessels, different types of aircraft. In addition, TFP microwave produced by the company is used in electronic devices used in biological, medical, food, rail and road transportation, and agricultural industries. Along with the products of general application, the enterprise produced various products for the national military and space programs.

The company's mission today is quality control, product expansion, and cost reduction, while meeting the most diverse requirements of its customer..


Gas water heaters continuous flow components, such as HSV



Special requirements, up to the individual samples


Required licenses and certificates


Molds, dies and fixtures upon special requests , 2010